Trending Hair News March 2021

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Trending Hair News March 2021

As some of you may know, social media hair influencer known as “Arrogant Tae” has recently launched his first online Masterclass about how he slays his clients' hair. This is something so many of us have been waiting for. He is finally giving us the recipe to this whole lace frontal slay game. He’s unleashed all his hair styling techniques and let me just tell you that I am totally here for it, Okay! He is currently charging $500 per “ticket” and I am not mad at him for charging that. Hairstylists can easily charge that much for one wig install alone, so God Bless his heart. 


 Tae has partnered with the beautiful LaLa to be his model in his course and as he is performing his hair techniques (yes I used the word “perform” because what he does is literally an art. lol) LaLa is asking him all the common questions that a hairstylist would ask. I’m so glad they decided to make that a part of the course.

If you know Tae then you know that he is killing it in the hair industry. He recently celebrated his birthday on March 11th, so shout out and Happy Birthday to him. He is having an actual birthday celebration on Saturday March 13, 2021, and the theme is Playboy. See photos below. I know his party is going to be epic. One question I have is.. Who is going to slay all the girls' hair?? (The IG influencers he always keeps around him). How is he going to slay their hair and also get ready for his party? I’m stressing out for him trying to figure it all out. Lol Nonetheless I know he will slay the girls’ hair and show up to his party looking good himself. He neverrr disappoints! We love you Tae! ❤️ 

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